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Set of 3 Large Tree Ring Prints

I love the look of these three prints together. Large art like this makes such a statement in any room, especially since each print is made by hand and pressed from the actual cut of wood. I never get tired of looking at these prints. Each one is like a story of a different place and time. The print on the far left is from the Crater Lake area, just outside of the National Park. The tree is more than 100 years old. You can see wet and dry years going back more than a century just by looking at the rings. The middle print is made from a beautiful Ash tree that comes from the East Coast of the United States. The print on the far right is from Tillamook, Oregon and it has so much character! 

  • Each print is like a fingerprint from mother nature 
  • All prints are made by hand using the traditional woodblock method
  • Material: 100lb acid-free paper
  • Size: 3 prints, 24x36 inches
  • Type: Triptych
  • Paint: High quality textured ink

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