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Reclaimed Wood Chandelier


Brighten up your space with our 14 pendant Reclaimed Wood Chandelier. The weathered boards each have their own unique character with nail holes, and knots. The elegant, yet rustic look of reclaimed wood allows it to seamlessly blend in any style, from Modern to Rustic and everything in between.

  • Wood: 47"x12" New Wood
  • Wood Stain: Ebony
  • Cord Color: Gold 
  • Socket: Vintage Bronze
  • Bulbs: Antique Mix

Bulbs: Antique bulbs provide a warm yellow light 

Reclaimed Wood: Recycled barn wood. Reclaimed wood may include small cracks, dents, or nail holes. If you are looking for a cleaner look, please request your chandelier to be made with new wood.

Connection: Main connection is 5FT long, white wire, white ceiling plate. Longer cord, plug-in cord. 

Mounting: Includes all hardware needed for installation (suitable for most ceiling heights). Wood can be hung as close as 2" from the ceiling and creates a floating wood effect, or hang lower for high ceilings. Includes 4 eyebolts installed in each corner of the fixture, 2 ceiling hooks with anchors, and suspension wire adjustable up to 3 feet.

    Made to order and ships in 2-3 weeks

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