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Mid Century Wooden Stool - Rosewood


This wooden stool is modeled after the iconic Mid-Century Modern wood counter stools made by Wharton Esherick. Our bar stools are minimalist, beautiful, and comfortable. Form and function are found in equal amounts with these wood bar stools. The seats are made by free-form carving their profile by hand. Then the 3 slender legs join them together with staggered stretchers for improved strength. Each one is truly unique.

The counter stool seat is made from beautifully unique Rosewood which is carved freehanded from a larger block of wood. After carving and assembly, the seat is finished with a mix of oils and waxes. This gives the seat a hard, protective, water resistant, maintenance free finish. It leaves the wood looking natural and protected and feeling almost soft to the touch. 

The legs and stretchers are all handmade. These legs are made from cherry and will age beautifully. Though they may look dainty, they are more than strong enough for everyday use of the stool. They are finished with the same oil and wax finish as the seat.

  • This listing is for one stool. Each stool is custom made.
  • Dimensions: Seat diameter approx 12 inches and is 25 inches tall. Custom heights available upon request.
  • 100% Handmade 

The counter height stool pictured has a seat diameter of about 12 inches and is 24 inches tall. We can make them taller or shorter at your request. The standard rule of thumb is counter stools should be 24"-27", and bar stools should be 28"-33". No additional charge for taller or shorter stools.

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