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Giant California Redwood Tree Print


Huge redwood tree ring art made from a redwood tree and signed by the artist. There is no piece of art similar to it. Each piece of art is printed by hand, not a machine. I use traditional woodblock printing methods combined with some of my own techniques to be able to capture the textures and patterns from the actual cut of wood. This print is made from a Northern California Redwood from the Orick area. 

These coastal redwoods began growing along the coast 20 million years ago and they continue to grow today, thanks to preservation efforts of State and National Parks. However, only about 3-5% of the original redwood territory remains as old-growth forest. Most of the redwoods were cut for lumber between 1850 and 1920. Redwoods on private lands continue to be harvested today. 

  • Material: 100lb acid-free paper
  • Size: 3x6 Feet
  • Type: Coastal Redwood
  • Paint: High quality textured ink
  • Ships in a sturdy tube
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