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Geometric Wood Art Chandelier

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This amazing Geometric Wood Art Chandelier is a collaboration with a wood artist to create the intricately patterned wood base. 

44" x 18" with 6 Pendants - Shown with Brown Twisted wire, bronze sockets, and Antique 5" globes or 48" x 42" with 12 Pendants.

Lengths: Pendants hang 35" from the base and are easily adjustable shorter or requested longer. 

Connection: Single connection is a white 5FT “out” wire. If you would like a longer hardwired cord or plug in cord, please just request in the notes. 

Mounting: Wood includes 4 eye bolts installed in each corner to be hung from the ceiling. Use any hooks and chain of your choice, NOT included. Weight is only about 15-20 LBS. Includes ceiling plate for single hardwired cord (default: white)

    Made to order and ships in 2-3 weeks

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