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Ceramic Bowl Set in Purple Matte


This hand-built 4 bowl ceramic nesting set makes the perfect gift for your favorite foodie, including yourself. When not in use, these bowls add both elements of elegant and rustic decor. These bowls are great for dining and serving, and the variety of sizes makes them useful for all kinds of things. Use the smallest bowl makes a nice little prep dish or for small items such as olives or nuts. The medium sizes are great for dips, snacks, or for serving smaller quantities. The largest bowl makes a lovely serving bowl. Use with hot or cold foods.

The glaze on these pieces is a matte purple that has specks of variation. The outside of the bowls were left unglazed to display the lovely natural clay body. 

Approximate measurements largest to smallest:

  • 7.5" diameter x 1.5" high
  • 5.75" diameter x 1.25" high
  • 4.5" diameter x .1" high
  • 2.75" diameter x .5" high

Dishwasher and microwave safe 

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