Our Mission


Who We Are

Upper Earth is a steward of sustainable design, and a retailer with a conscious. We create and curate attractive, artisanal and eco-friendly home goods, sure to enrich the look and feel of your space. From India to Turkey to Ethiopia—we find our products in communities throughout the globe, working to make a direct, positive impact on the lives of the skilled artisans creating these designs. Our collection features mostly modern and rustic industrial pieces, often handcrafted from recycled materials and always sustainably sourced. 

Too often, our interiors are overrun with disposable products, manufactured with little to no concern for our environment, our comfort or our safety. At Upper Earth, we think there’s a better way. It’s grounded in answering one simple question: what if the sustainable option was the easy option? And so, we thoroughly vet each of our suppliers; we comb the planet to find the most beautiful, sustainable creations; we partner with artisans who have mastered time-tested-techniques; we go beyond the trends to find designs with a soul and a story. We do all this so you don’t have to. You are empowered and free to browse our vast selection of sustainable designs with just a few clicks. It’s eco living made easy.

We are constantly working on bringing you the most eco-friendly products that are more useful and more reliable to your home.


"The Earth is what we all have in common."