Mohair Rugs

Wool of Angora Goat / Hand-made / Eco-friendly / No dye / Double-sided

These luxury authentic flat-weave collection represent an ancient method of creating a faux animal hair pile which was widespread amongst nomads from Central Asia to Turkey.

Our aim is keeping alive this ancient technique, a skill once thought to have disappeared. We are working with the few artisans left which can use the foot powered loom.

We use only 100% hand-spun wool of Angora goats without dying them. Once the washing and spinning process of the Mohair is finished the weaving process begins. The mohair wool creates the long-haired fur-like look. This lustrous wool of the angora goat occurs in every natural shade ranging from black through browns to white, thus making possible a wide variety of color-schemes with no dyes.

When the weaving has been completed, the flat-weave will be brushed and washed with a special metal brush. The particular hand treatment which is used to produce this woven rug makes it unique and original which gives the product the fur-like look.

Because of their lightness, strength and easy folding, flat-weaves were among the most cherished possessions of the ancient tent civilizations. This kind of Mohair-weaves primarily used for sleeping like a blanket. It is not limited to use as a blanket, it can be a wall hanging, pillow, a lap rug, throw, bedspread, a scatter rug as well a large area rug.

Entirely handmade, produced with the respect of the environment and of the person allows us keeping alive an ancient art.

Mohair is one of the oldest textile fiber in use. Mohair is warm in winter as it has great insulating properties while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture-wicking properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant, crease resistant and does not felt.

Thank you for supporting to keep alive this ancient handmade art!

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Leyla Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Leyla Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Kamil Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Kamil Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Izel Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Izel Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Haluk Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Haluk Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Gani Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Gani Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Feza Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Feza Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Erdem Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Erdem Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Destan Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Destan Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Cihan Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Cihan Mohair Rug
From $395.00
Adnan Mohair Rug - Upper Earth
Adnan Mohair Rug
From $395.00
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