The Process Behind Wooden Wall Art

The Process Behind Wooden Wall Art


The process begins at a small, local sawmill here in the United States. The wood is hand selected with a wide variety of species available. The locally sourced wood is carefully chosen to allow us to have cohesiveness in our style and the outcome of each design. Currently, we are incorporating black walnut and white oak into our work.

After several months of drying out the wood, it is ready to be cut down into strips and coated with mineral oil to bring out the natural luster of the grain. After drying and reapplying, we are ready to sand down each strip to create a smooth sheen. Each strip is cut down to a specific puzzle piece, of which we will fit together into a new design. After the pieces are all fit snugly together, and stain or paint is applied to accent the design, we are able to apply adhesive to a thick piece of birch plywood backing, and methodically layout the design in its permanent setting. After allowing time for each piece to cure, we trim off the edges to allow for a snug frame. Each frame is carefully hand cut to specific size, and set in place around the border of the design.

Eventually, when the piece has fully cured, and become complete, we equip each with gallery style d-ring and wire hanging equipment for ease of installation. After wrapping it in excessive layers of bubble wrap and cardboard, it is ready to start its journey to your home.

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