Guide: How to Make Your Home Decor Eco-Friendly

Make Your Space More Eco-Friendly and Help Save Our Planet

We are leading increasingly busy lives that are dictated more and more by gadgets and gizmos. Even our relationships, the ones with friends and family, are being managed ‘online’. Our smartphones are always within reach, in our hands or pockets, and when we close our eyes at night, it is under their bluish-white glow. Our days are filled with streaming from one task to the next or trying to cope with many at once. All, while being incessantly obtruded by emails, social media updates… and the cacophony of phone calls, the buzz, and hum of devices, electronic and mechanical noises. We are surrounded by machines, living in concrete jungles, and urban sprawl.

And yet, we are beings of nature. We care about our planet. We draw inspiration from nature and our surrounds. We seek nature as an escape. We venture out into forests, hills, and valleys as a way to reconnect with ourselves. Nature heals us and helps us uplift our senses and moods. Andy Goldsworthy, the famous British sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist says, “We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us.”

how to make your home decor eco-friendly

These are two apparent contradictions – one, where we are living our modern lives so far away from nature, and another, where we are an intrinsic part of nature. One way of closing the gap, and converging the two drastically different paths is if we commit to doing the little things. Take small steps that mend and correct our actions, reduce our carbon footprint and give our planet a one in a million chance to revive - get conscientious, buy organic goods, avoid using plastic bags, eat less meat, save energy and invest in eco-friendly stuff that is safe for our children, our aged as well as our ill. Of course, saving the planet is a mammoth task! But no matter how minuscule or insignificant our actions appear to be, everything we do is bound to add up to ‘something good’.

At Upper Earth, our enterprise is to help you in your quest. We have sourced a range of sustainable, eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing products – furniture, home décor, throws, and pillows - that render your home an added soulful dimension. Made from the very elements - earthenware, wood, bamboo, pure cotton fabric, paper-mâché, jute fibre, and brass – that make our planet, these products are meant to convey a sense of connectedness with the Earth. Our blog invites you to explore ideas that spark interest and open a conversation about eco-living. We throw in a few critical bits of information that may resolve and ease your challenge of finding the right products, or the right store, and considering the right approach when entertaining the idea of eco-friendly living as a permanent lifestyle.

1. Is it or can it be recycled?

reclaimed wood

This is perhaps the most pertinent question that we as consumers must ask ourselves every time we make a decision to buy something. Can it be recycled? Is it biodegradable? Is it sustainably sourced and environmentally safe? Repurposing and recycling what you would have thrown away is also a good decision, especially considering that most of our waste ends up in landfills somewhere. And, because every single thing we mindlessly throw away and substitute means some more energy has been spent, plastic consumed and fuel burnt to replace it.

2. Choosing the right eco-friendly stores

eco-friendly store

With a plethora of options for eco-stores, both online and offline brick-and-mortar stores, choosing right is a complex task hinged on uncovering the important information. Besides looking at the store’s validity and authenticity through their online reviews and general feedback, what is central to their organization’s mission, and how they conduct business, it is vital to start by asking some questions - Are products in the store’s catalog manufactured from recycled or natural and sustainably sourced materials? (Many stores that claim to be eco-friendly really use just a tiny fraction of recycled materials.) Do the artisans who design and produce the products benefit from the store’s business? (This is more about the ethics of business. A large number of vendors today source products from artisans who are the true creators, and do not share the proceeds of business with them. This is an unfair practice and must be recognized as such.)

We urge you to use all the tools at your disposal to research and collect information before you make the purchase decision.

3. Go for handicrafts or hand-made goods

artisan made

Making judicious use of the energy resources during the manufacturing process creates a truly eco-friendly product. You may also want to know how waste is minimized and then disposed of by manufacturers. Stores that go the extra mile, to source their products from artisans who use their hands and hand operated machines to make them, are the ones that deserve your loyalty.

We have some unique handcrafted designs in our catalog, starting with some eco-curios that could go right next to where you’re reading this - like the Wooden Cutting Board iPad Holder and even an Industrial Tripod Desk Lamp with Wire Mesh Shade that carry our guarantee. Our Handmade Wooden Wall Shelves are alluring, as well as being practical.

4. Bring nature indoors

eco-friendly house plants

Plants can make the dullest of interiors feel vibrant and create a pleasant, fresh and healthy environment. The little oxygen makers not only clean the air but also add splashes of green and nature that complement every décor.

It goes without saying that the pottery and planters too must be eco-friendly, and it would be a definite advantage if they could also save precious water – The Self-Watering Planter. For those of you who find the enchanting touch of flowers a must-have around the room, we have a self-watering vase too.

5. Enhance the ambiance of living spaces

eco-friendly home decor

Rugs and pillows can add color and texture to your living spaces, that heighten and enhance the ambiance. Exotic vases and pots, in dramatic shapes, colors and materials contribute splendidly to the room’s definition.

Our ceramic bud vases, come in such a variety of colors and they could be the perfect addition to your home! Our reclaimed wood wall scone is more than a wall-piece, but a statement of your choice.

The world is brimming with ideas and inspiration, and we hope through this blog, to have pointed you in the right direction – to be conscious of the decisions to choose eco-friendly and natural products and to make this Earth, our world, and home, a better place.