Ground Your Feet in Decades of Tradition and Art

Ground Your Feet in Decades of Tradition and Art


Energy is captured in nearly everything around us, and, is constantly flowing with the ever-changing environment. A simple area rug, crafted with the love and care of a skilled artisan may adorn a house for a lifetime, while an artificial budget throw from the department store may need replacing in just a year.

When a native tribeswoman in Ethiopia weaves a rug, she pours her heart and soul into her work. She takes time to select quality materials from nature; materials energized by the warming sun, grazing animals and happy children playing in the open, spacious fields. She uses and recycles all she can; giving thanks for each clump of fluff that contributes to her art.

Back in her village, she transforms her earth-gotten wool, cotton and jute into a fine thread and dyes it using pigment-rich soils and berries, colors unique to her culture. As she sets to work, she takes the time and care to ensure each detail of the rug is perfect, using the vibrant threads to weave a unique story into her one-of-a-kind design. When she finished her masterpiece, the artisan displays it for all the village to admire and bless, giving thanks for good health and community.

We choose sustainably sourced, handmade goods because they embody the energy of a place. These beautiful, handmade rugs bring raw nature and happiness into a room, carrying their blessing and love far across the seas to flow through your home openly. These rugs connect us, warm us, and ground us no matter where in the world we might bring them.

With all of us living such busy lives in the western world, we may find it difficult to find quality, handmade goods and time to connect with nature. Instead, we settle for artificial and manufactured goods simply out of convenience. That’s what the people here at Upper Earth are working so hard to correct!

We take the time to find the most skilled of craftspeople in the remote villages of Ethiopia, Turkey and India where they have very few customers to buy their goods. We partner with the artisans, promising to find good homes for their creations, and, in return, provide wealth to their village to buy necessities like clean water, clothing and healthy ingredients for meals. We also donate $1 of every purchase made to charity.

Our large selection of rugs varies in design and energy just as each artisan is her own, unique individual. Scroll through the pages and take the time to really see these rugs. If you look deep enough, you may see the moss covered rock that guards one artist’s most prized procession or the joyous celebration on the night one artist’s first born was married. With such a wide variety of artist, we have rugs for any decorating style including modern, antique, rustic, bohemian, cabin, southwestern, tribal, shabby chic, etc.

After all, a rug is more than just a floor covering. A rug is a place your children play. A rug grounds your feet to the roots of its creator every day you cross it. Wouldn’t you rather that rug be made with love?

Let’s get back to living a more connected life and giving back to our fellow humans. Explore our collection of eco-friendly, handcrafted rugs from around the world and discover the beauty of an interconnected community.

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