Green and Eco-Friendly Furniture

Green and Eco-Friendly Furniture

 green eco-friendly furniture

Upper Earth is one of the leading companies in the eco-friendly furniture niche. As such, we work on making the products manufactured for our consumers as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Our furniture frames, for instance, are made from wood harvested from sustainable forests. We also have tons of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials manufactured through chrome-free natural processes.

Our Green Furniture is Eco-Friendly

We offer top of the range furniture made using sustainable and renewable products. These products have all been sourced locally from places that observe environmentally friendly practices.

All handmade eco-friendly furniture pieces from Upper Earth are of the highest quality possible. What is more, we strive to price our products at or below similar furniture brand names. 

With our deep knowledge in the crafting of custom made furniture in the traditional and classic style, you can be sure that our furniture is of the best quality possible. What is more, it is all natural and made using chemical free materials. Therefore, you can rest assured that we have only the best of the best there is available in the marketplace.

The Upper Earth Quality Assurance Commitment

As mentioned above, all the pieces of eco-friendly furniture at Upper Earth are made by the proudest and most gifted of craftspeople. For starters, we only select the top grade eco-friendly material the market offers. These products are processed using high-quality solutions that are either biodegradable or recycled.

We have hemp fabrics available. These are woven and dyed locally using eco-friendly practices and materials. As such, their manufacturing minimizes the use of carbon-based energy. Additionally, we use soy based foam padding which has never undergone treatment with toxic flame retardant chemicals.


When you choose eco-friendly furniture from Upper Earth, you are going to enjoy the benefits that come from our many years of experience in the industry. During this time, we have come to be known for our ability to create the highest quality of green furniture available for consumers.

Contact Upper Earth Today

To learn more about the wide variety of eco-friendly furniture we have in store for you, about our processes, or anything else you might have in mind, please contact us today. 


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